Expert Freehand Knife Sharpening

If you're of a certain age, you remember the days  when getting a knife sharpened meant giving it to a man getting on in life who came around once or twice a year  towing a large, pedal-driven stone grinding wheel.

That wheel could put an edge on your knife, but it did so by grinding and grinding away at it. Indeed, the beast ate steel for lunch.

Truth be told, getting a knife sharpened these days can be equally hazardous. The pedal-driven grinding wheel is  long gone, but a sharpener using a motor-driven diamond sharpening disc can do far more damage in less time.

I don't sharpen that way. I use a technology even older than the pedal-driven stone grinding wheel -- the Japanese waterstone.

And I sharpen freehand -- no machines, no cheater angle guides: just me, my waterstones, and your knife. This takes skill and patience, and it puts an edge on your knife of unsurpassed beauty and utility. 

I do love a sharp edge. May I be of service to you?

My Expertise

I specialize in freehand sharpening Western and Japanese kitchen and collector knives for residential customers and restaurants on California's beautiful Central Coast.

I also sharpen salon shears and clipper blades for hair stylists and barbers and surgical and dental instruments for physicians, dentists and veterinarians.